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New video online: Berget 14 - Part 06 - Rain, Pain & Shooting! - Airsoft Milsim Sweden Video link: --------------------------- Berget 14 - Part 06 - Rain, Pain & Shooting! 25th Mountaineers This is an older video that I transferred to my Verage Airsoft channel to have everything bundled in one account. This video was made in 2016 after Berget 14. The last day sets in and we make ready for another day of fighting. The day starts off cloudy but it starts raining pretty fast. So the last bit of Berget 14 will happen in the rain. We take out some vehicles and after that we help to take control of the village. The last mission of the event is to visit the blue base and cause some mayhem! So enjoy this, re-uploaded, video from Berget 14. #airsoft #berget #rain

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