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The shogun revolution! updates there are four airsoft tanks provided to each team, and three large buses (troop carriers) provided to each team! THE RULES: The game is one hit kill- when hit by a BB no matter where you are hit, you must either yell "HIT!" and Raise your hand and put on your dead rag, or you can act like you were shot to mimic a more immersive feel (by doing this you still have to put on your dead rag). Using a rubber knife; when using a rubber knife you must lightly fake cut and/or fake stab your opponent. Please do not do anything that might do any real physical harm to your enemy. It takes 2 knife hits to equal a knock, and 1 knife hit if stabbed from behind. When you get shot you are only knocked, each player is provided with three small shot bottles of water which are used to revive a player, a player may not use these to revive themselves, instead,they must wait for they're groups medic. The medic must have his hands on the player while the knocked player takes a shot of the water to be revived. Once all the players revive shots are gone, he is no longer "knocked" when hit but instead the player is "dead" and cannot communicate with other players enemy or not. These bottles are refilled when not in battle, the refill station is to stay at a base, not be carried into battle. No wars or battles from 12:00 am to 3:00 am, this goes for both nights, that's when it's lights out for ALL teams so that way players can at least get some sleep. Players are provided with a patch of their team and other patches according to their rank and position. Players may use cussing or bad language, we're out here to have fun…however, if you do notice a person who doesn't want to hear that type of language then PLEASE keep it to minimum or just don't talk like that near them. ABSOLUTELY NO HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND. Friendly banter is fine, but it cannot go to far. This will not be tolerated, again, we are out here to have a good time, but not to upset people and ruin there experience. Any harassment or arguing will result in consequences such as; temporary removal from the premises or complete removal from the game. You get two warnings, please do not ruin yours or anyone else's experience. No excluding people from the game, if someone has something to say, let them say it, if someone is being obnoxious, let your team or platoon captain know, they will be taught how to deal with it. Sharing gear. When it comes to sharing gear, please be responsible, do not break someone else's gear or gun or magazine or whatever it is you are borrowing, treat it better than your own. For the people that are lending items, do not make any hasty decisions, if you do not want to lend someone your belongings then do not, no one can make you, if someone is doing so, notify your team or platoon captain immediately. If someone has broken or misused your item notify your team captain, but please do not accuse anyone of doing so on purpose, unless there has been two or more witnesses present. There will be approximately 150 people per team, each person will be organized to there position and when there ticket is scanned, they will receive their pin and rank badge. Team Captain's will be planning and deciding battle plans. The team with the most ruled territories at the end wins!

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