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AZTECA AIRSOFT- THE SHOGUN REVOLUTION. EVENT IN CARBANADO WASHINGTON October 7th 1:30 PM - October 9th 5:30 PM The event is 52 hours long and will take place in upper fairfax, just south of carbanado Washington state. (Actual address is revealed to players with tickets). There are three teams; The Aztecs (green team), Storm Union (blue team), and The Shoguns (red team). Come and join us! there's bases, towns, vehicle's, drones, tanks, and nukes! The story: In the fictional town of county S'mores Washington, a private military who calls themselves "The Shoguns" infiltrated all of the towns in that county. although it was a peaceful takeover and no known civilian casualties have been reported, a much larger private military- Storm Union, is on the rise to attempt to overthrow The Shoguns. now with two militaries at war on American soil, the U.S. government has sent task force 4-19 or The Aztecs to neutralize both militaries. The event is just about three days long, so you will need to bring sleeping gear (food and water will be provided). Players are not aloud to leave the premise to sleep at a hotel, house, etc. Doing so will result in the players immediate exclusion from the game, players may also not leave to go anywhere (unless there is an emergency), this includes having to use the restroom. There will be clean honeybuckets available. Here's the link to buy tickets!

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