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20.07.2022 13:30

raport+ #21 Date: July 17 2022 We spend last Sunday on training, during which we had the opportunity to introduce new recruits. Altogether, Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Wiewi贸r and the aforementioned new candidates: Impet, Reko and Achmed participated in the event. We started the exercises from the basics related to dynamic defensive, including changing positions, communication within the defended point and skill of covering the mates. It was an introduction to other issues, such as sticking together during actions or quickly replenishing forces on the battlefield, which we practiced in the next mode. We ended the training by explaining the basics of the ambush and playing a special scenario to test this new knowledge. Each aspect was thoroughly discussed, and the subsequent stages of the meeting were crowned with summaries of the participants as to their course. ~Murzyn Thanks for reading! This is a auto-translated text. Check link bellow to see original post:

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