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18.07.2022 21:30

New video online: My Chestrig - What's in it & why - My Gear - Layer 2b Video link: ------------------------------ Why do I use a chestrig and what's in it? My chestrig is part of my second layer. My chestrig is the second part of my combat layer. It's the layer with the ammo and the communication tools. Layer 1: Clothing (Coming soon) Layer 2a: Belt ( Layer 2b: Chestrig (You are here) Layer 3: Backpack (Coming soon) This is an overview of what type of chestrigs I had in the past and what I put in it. The different chestrigs are listed here below. This setup is used in sunday games but also in big milsim games. My setup is flexible to be used in almost every situation. This video is a part of my gear videos series. Enjoy the video.

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