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raport 122 "Droga przez piekło" date: 10 July 2022 location: Prochownia (Biała Podlaska) The event was organized by B.O.S ASG Biała Podlaska. The area described in the report no. 105 (link in the comment). We went to the next event in Biała Podlaska in a team of seven, which included Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Wiewiór, Bierek, as well as two recruits, including Papaj. B.O.S, the Stowarzyszenie ASG "Pierwszy Batalion Szturmowy" from Parczew and non-affiliated players also participated. The eponymous path that day was indeed hellish. The sides were supposed to reach the small cannon in the middle of the terrain, and then start moving them towards their opponent's spawn point. The game finished when the object was pushed into the yellow barrel whose marking the border of the terrain. We started the first stage get marked as Red from the northern part of the Prochownia's territory. With the start of the round, we calmly headed for the central hills. After reaching the embankment line, we were surprised by a few rivals who got there faster, camping on the central barricades or walls of hills. During the intensive battle, it was possible to gain access to the interior of the hill, but there was too little stability on the enemy side of the field to move the cannon. There was a short calmly , during which I went with Wiewiór and Bierek in the embrace of the dirt-made fortifications. Then unmarked opponents unexpectedly began to show their heads and firearms from behind the edge of the hill, making impossible for us to escape from the bow of the shelter with their bullet series. Every move was risky in the trap, so we made sure to overlap. The communication gave us chance to sruvive. Both direct, intuitive and learned in a team gameplay, as well as on PMR at a distance. Unfortunately, the end of this action was the loss of the center zone in result. We got cut off the area in turn-like shooting, but we got some of enemies as well. A rescue organized by Basior and Mikser tried to help, but it was hard to get close to the besieged embankment, and it was completely impossible to get in or out of it. We retreat all our forces and positioned ourselves in close to the Long Building. Its interior, including the smaller entrance on the right, was covered by Wiewiór and Bierek; Basior, Mikser and I hid behind covers on the main path, waiting for the cannon convoy. With a considerable delay, these finally moved in our way. Bad for us, the surprise effect did not work out, because the enemy groups broke through the gap on the far left flank, cross-firing at our positions. Nevertheless, we covered with fire the cannon what maked it stopped. The enemies kept pressing, slowly forcing us to move back. The round ended after a great defense, just near to the yellow barrel. All the Reds went on the "backroom" hills, holding both the frontal attack and the saboteurs who had gathered on our backs. With this maneuver we saved the Draw status of score. Swap sides, the same rules. Setting off from behind the gazebo, we managed to get to the center zone quite quickly. We moved the cannon minimally, previously taking positions at the top of the embankment, and also in the forest on the right flank. We cut off from longer distance a suspicious squad approaching by the middle road. After that a strange silence ensued. We thought that we need to send someone to check the weakest point: left wing. After we formed the appropriate group for this, it was too late. Someone stormed the backs, which was a trigger moment for further events. We were losing defenders en masse, so we started flee up again. There was a chaos among the Reds. We in-team decided to block the right flank. During our fight with two distant riflemans, the turret was shifted significantly. We had to separate the right and middle at the same time, but in the end it was not enough. Despite forcing the pace to slow down, the cannon touched the barrel this time, leaving us to fail that day. We thank B.O.S for the organization and all participants for playing together. ~Murzyn Thanks for reading! This is a auto-translated text. Check link bellow to check original post:

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Report with the Prochownia's description. Would you like to get some translated description of our skirmish terrains, guys?