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11.07.2022 20:10

New Video online: This was BERGET 18 - Teaser - Airsoft Milsim Sweden Video link: --------------------------------------- Berget 18 - Broken Arrow, It was that time again. People all over the world gather in the Swedish town sollefteƄ to join the biggest milsim in Sweden. This year was special because most of the tickets were transferred from 2020. 2 years of not being able to play was hard. Berget is not just shooting but also meeting up with friends and being away from 'normal life' for almost a week. I missed that so much! Berget 18 did not disappoint! The crew, the people, the props, the mission and above all the vibe. Everything was back at full strength to set an amazing event. During the upcoming months more videos will appear on the channel. Usually there will be 1 video a month and Berget will be a multipart video. With this small teaser video I want to give a small glimps of how it was. If you don't want to miss the series, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. All videos will premiere on the channel so we can watch them together. Enjoy the video!

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