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09.07.2022 18:07

raport + # 21 Date: 07/07/2022 In exceptional circumstances, on the last Thursday evening we came to Szczygły for training purposes. Members: Basior, Murzyn, Foka, Wiewiór and two fresh recruits took part in the exercises. We started by introducing new players to the basics of airsoft gameplay. During the patrol-like exercise without shooting, they acquired skills related to movement around the battlefield, simple communication, spotting the hidden enemy and reacting to contact. After that we moved on to the actual issues of playing against sniper, whether he was alone or in duo with supporting rifleman. The training ended after 1vs1, 2vs2 and asymmetrical 3vs2 duels, which let to test the learned skills in practice. In all modes, the focus was additionally on the aspect of command and the role of the leader in the game. ~Murzyn This is a auto-translated text. Check link bellow to see original post:

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10.07.2022 22:6

Training is everything, you can have the best gear, best rifle and sidearm in the world but without training you suck. No my wisdom by the way, its garandthumbs advice but i tend to agree. ;-)

09.07.2022 19:3

Training is very important. Reading this, I know I need to get out there more :D