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06.07.2022 15:05

Videos, I received videos from different teams that I will be able to use in my videos. In total I have, at this moment, 115 Gigabyte of video footage (1080p). Same as every year, the videos will be split in different parts and will be uploaded during the upcoming year. There will also be a special video about my planning and how the red team prepared for this game. The editing process started as soon as I left the game area. I have checked most footage and I'm happy with the footage I have. I will be able to tell the story and show some amazing footage. When I will be using footage from other people, there will be more info about them in the description but also in the video, so be sure to check them out too. During the editing I will discuss things on my Discord, if you want to follow that, be sure to jump into my discord. Videos will be uploaded on my Youtube channel:

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06.07.2022 21:23

Sooooo, it will be online next monday? ;-)

07.07.2022 10:5
The first video will be online, this Monday yes :D