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05.07.2022 18:46

Berget 18, you were AMAZING! The game, the people, the field, the enemy, the weather and the team, every piece of the puzzle made Berget what it was. Being able to finally push myself to the limit mentally and physically is something that is missed so badly. Somebody asked me, What was you best Berget experience? My answer, on the last night when everyone was tired, wet and completely fucked up. Almost everyone that was in the base wanted to stay awake to defend our base. That moment I realised that people were going for the mission and trusted us in what we were asking from them. I already started with video ideas for this berget and I watched some of my footage and it's looking pretty good. I will be able to tell the story again. There will also be one extra video that will show how the red team (and I) prepared for this game. I will explain the command structure, the tools we used and why, the pre game meetings, the special stuff,... Basically everything. I had the privilege to be a platoon commander for a special unit and I can't wait to tell my story. All that will be online on my YouTube channel. There is so much to talk about but I'm driving home with a smile on my face and that says it all. Thank you!

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