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raport 121 "Atak / Obrona + UAZ" # 3 date: June 26, 2022 location: forest in Ol臋dy The event was organized by the XII Legion Airsoft Team We came to the event in squad represented by Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Foka, Krecik and Cygan. Apart from us and the XII Legion, non-associated players appeared. The first mode was the title proven Attack / Defense formula, adapted to the game with the vehicle. On the road, two flags were set, marking the checkpoints. When UAZ caught up with the target cleared of opponents, the Defenders had to retake it within five minutes. In another case, the outpost collapsed, and the front line retreated to the next point (with respawn points as well). We were defending, but at the beginning it was quite a dynamic defense. We decided not to contact LUV directly. Instead, we divided our forces into three groups, two of which were subversive. I sent Foka and Cygan to our right flank, taking the Mikser and Krecik myself to the second, parallel wing. Basior, with the help of the other allies, set the flag and coordinated the entire action from it. Adequately distant from the route and hidden in sparse leafy plants, we waited for the approach of the one-vic convoy. The information on the PMR about the target approaching by route matched the moment the car entered our field of vision, which proved a good synchronization of our positions. The mine trio moved forward. We settled down behind a slight uplift in the soil. UAZ drove into the firing range of the checkpoint guards. The zone without fallback. We got a signal from Basior. We ran over the bumps and turned towards the road. A few seconds and we were behind the UAZ at beginning of outpost invasion. First, we cut out the units surrounding the wagon outside, then the exposed LMG gunner fell off as well. Intensive crossfire was increased temperature under their helmets: it comes from the flag and the opposite wing of our ambush. Uncertain of the condition of the rest of the crew, we waited purposefully, expecting sudden movements. In sure, after a moment of hesitation, we took another opponent off the turret, thus making the car harmless, but in the meantime hostile reinforcements appeared, which prevented us from escaping. After losing the surprise effect, the whole situation worsened. Subsequent diversions were unsuccessful due to better protection on the backs of the moving target, and the classic form of defense was continiously under heavy pressure from the Legionnaires. We lost one flag, and just before the game break there was a fierce battle for the other one, complemented by the Sun heat and self-propelling pace of the clashes. The next two rounds were based on a certain scenario. According to the assumptions of the arranged situation, the vehicle crew had to reach the indicated place via the main road, bearing in mind the possibility of a surprise attack. Shooting was associated with permanent death here, which was supposed to make the game similar to milsim. This time we were the offensive ones. The entire upcoming action was preceded by a characteristic, nervous expectation. But finally the vehicle crossed a key ... bushline. Basior ordered readiness by PMR. At the inconspicuous bend, the LUV slowed down slightly, allowing me, the Mikser and our rifles to reveal themselves while shooting from the six o'clock of the vehicle. The stopped UAZ fell between the chaotic fire of both of us and the another one sent from the front by the entrenched Basior and Cygan. Spotters Foka and Krecik also ran out of the bushline, joining the fire at the rear recess of the object. As final result, the ride was smoothly stopped with marginal losses. The second action had a lightly different course. First, we initiated a quick, two-person diversion, which for a moment caught the attention of a symbolic convoy. After we quickly disappear, rivals had checked the threatened area, then they moved on, and soon fell into the right trap. After a fire exchange and mutual losses of varying intensity, the event ended with another successful ambush. We thank the XII Legion for the organization and all participants for playing together. ~ Murzyn Thanks for reading! This is a auto-translated text. Check link bellow to see original post:*F

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