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07.06.2022 20:07

New video online: Bellum 2021 - Part 06 - The Last Push - Airsoft Milsim Sweden Video link: -------------------------------------- Bellum 2021 - Part 06 - The Last Push, 25th Mountaineers The last part in the Bellum 2021 series. We're waiting for orders to move up to the VIP and bring him to safety. Together with a few other platoons we try to complete this mission. Because of the lack of coordination from HQ it's up to us to do it. Communication on Platoon leader level is key to succes. What started off better, changed fast into what was going on the day before. Lack of leadership and communication. I want to thank every player for being as flexible as they were. Adapting to the situation and keep going. I can't wait for Bellum 2022! Enjoy the video! Thanks to B.I.F.F. for the awesome picture!

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