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31.05.2022 19:53
New video online: Berget 14 - Part 04 - The Longest Day!
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Berget 14 - Part 04 - The Longest Day!
25th Mountaineers
This is an older video that I transferred to my Verage Airsoft channel to have everything bundled in one account. This video was made in 2016 after Berget 14.
We pick up where we left off in the last video. We're back in the base taking our rest after a night of almost no sleep. But even when we're in the base we're always ready to stand up and defend the base when needed.
The plan of the day was to get some needed rest to be on our feet again for the next mission. I can say that this day went not as we had planned it. This day became the most demanding day in all the Bergets that I have ever done. I used every last bit of energy I had to complete the missions of that day. But is was so worth it!
Harnosand is still one of the most beautiful fields I have ever played on and this video shows it.
So enjoy this, re-uploaded, video from Berget 14.
#airsoft #berget #longestday
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