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17.05.2022 18:42

New video online: Airsoft Market/Fair 2022 - What did I bring? Video link: ------------------------------------ Airsoft Market/Fair 2022, I can only support things like this! After more than 2 years of Corona and not being able to plan things or go to meetings, one organiser did what others where thinking. They organised an Airsoft market/fair for airsofers to come together and have a good time. This was the first time Airborne Events organised an event like this and yes, it wasn't big and yes, there were not that many people but I had an amazing time! I brought with me all the stuff that I'm working on or where I'm active in. Verage Airsoft, Ares Alpha, Airsoft United, AAB, ICS and I also brought some second hand gear to sell. With this video I want to show you what the Market/Fair was but I also want to tell you what I brought to this fair. Bringing the fair a bit to you, so you can enjoy it a bit too. I can only hope that they will do this again next year and I have the chance of meeting more people there. Enjoy the vide.

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