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13.05.2022 20:16

New Video Online - Bellum 2021 - Part 05 - A fresh Start Video link: --------------------------------------------------- Bellum 2021 - Part 05 - A fresh Start 25th Mountaineers New day, new chances. In part 05 we woke up to support our people in the harbour but before we could make it they finished the mission. On the the next one. In this part you get a good view on how fast things change on bigger events. Because I was leading my guys and also some extra guys that wanted to join us, the structure we had, is gone. It's by editing and rewachting this video that I realised how fast things go. Which also means, how fast things can go wrong. But this is why I love those bigger games, you are part of something bigger and you need to work together to complete the missions. Enjoy the video!

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