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22.02.2022 12:42

How to reload an M4 rifle (as a lefty), It's something that we do every game, reloading. But have you ever taken the time to see what steps you take to reload your m4 rifle? During the years of playing and the use of books, videos and friends I have tried different things to perfect my reload. It's important to do it as fast and accurate as possible. In this video I will show you the steps that I take when I reload my M4 rifle. The rifle in the video is my ICS UK1 Captain and does not have a ambidextrous mag release. I'm a lefty shooter so I have to take one more step to reload. Besides being a lefty, also the fact that I play airsoft in different environments made my want to put my mag away instead of throwing it to the ground. So I have one good muscle memory on how to do it. Here I the steps I take to reload: - Bring the rifle into my eyesight - Release the mag in my rifle - While holding the old mag, take a new mag - Insert the new mag into my rifle - Put the old mag in my pouch - Put the rifle back As with everything, practice makes perfect. This is an exercise you can easily do at home to perfect your gear but also to create that muscle memory. In this series of videos I go over little things that will help you. In very short videos I will explain some basic and advanced stuff I use in Airsoft. Enjoy the video.

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