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07.02.2022 22:51

New video online: OP Domination 2 - Part 02 - Taking back the Building Video link: ------------------------------------------------------ OP Domination 2 - Part 02, Taking back the Building The game started at 10h and lasted untill 17h. There was no break so we had to stay in the field for 7h. So I took my Helikon Ratel pack and went to the spawn. Our team was 25th Mountaineers, Army of Friends and some other friends. I'm playing with my ICS CXP ARK and ICS BLE XMK. This video is the second and last part in this small video series. Because it was well received in the previous part I added the same elements to this part. - I used the drone to capture ingame footage - I give more info (talking) during the video I'm trying those things to make sure the videos are easier to follow for everyone. If you have any remarks about it, let me know in the comments. Enjoy the video.

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