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01.02.2022 18:47

Event Loadout: Long distance launcher (taggins, bursts, smokers etc, when allowed) & an ARES launcher for shorter distantaces. My secondary is an ASG CZ-75. The mags are tiny, so they really don't get in my way. All the small/fun things (grenades, trips etc) will be in my satchel. The satchel actually has side zippers to make access easier for both hands. I spent a lot of time making sure everything is weighted properly & I don't use the plate inserts. The ARES has an adjustable magnetic strip, so it doesn't swing around obnoxiously. About 3000g on the belt (factor in my sidearm), about 1800g in the back and about 1100g in the front. In total ill be moving with about 6-8kg. I'm not including the big ol' launcher (its made w/ pvc so its actually quite light), the helmet weight, or water bladder though, because i don't always use them.

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