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10.01.2022 20:17

New video online! video link: Airsoft and food, it's something special. Some people eat burgers the whole event and some people don't. Trying out new things to eat during longer events is always interesting. -------------------------------- Tactical Foodpack, A few months ago I won the Weekpack Alpha, made by Tactical Foodpack. I won it with a raffle by Applied Store Tactical & Outdoor Gear. The box contains 21 freeze dried meals. I test them out to see if they are good for what I do in Airsoft. Is it something to bring to a normal airsoft event or a bigger milsim event. How does it taste, how easy is it to make, ... I eat 3 meals during the day, a breakfast, a lunch and a diner. Will this be enough to keep me going all day? Enjoy the video.

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