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03.01.2022 20:55

New video online! Video Link: This is the second part in the Bellum 2021 series. Bellum is a Milsim in Sweden for everyone. It's fun, beautifull field, awesome people and a lot of action. ------------------------------- Bellum 2021 - Part 02 - HQ not Working, 25th Mountaineers Rise and shine for a new day! Bellum 2021 is going to start and I'm looking forward to it. Getting the mags loaded, filling up the packs with snacks and water. Putting on my camos for 30h of pewpew in the forest. In this video you follow me and my platoon for the first mission of this big game in Sweden. You can follow my joy, my anger and everything in between. The videos that I make, about the games I go to, show everything that happened. It's not a compilation of the kills I made or the funny stuff we did. It's our story how it happened. Take a seat, grab a drink and join us on our Bellum 2021 story! Enjoy the video.

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06.01.2022 22:21

Good one! 👍

07.01.2022 10:59
Thanks mate!
04.01.2022 1:57

Awesome video

04.01.2022 5:47
Thank you!