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31.12.2021 11:44

Ares Alpha App - Intro - AIRSOFT Tracker App Video link: ------------------------------- Ares Alpha App - Intro I have never been a fan of tracker apps but this one suprised me. It didn't drain my battery, it wasn't distracting and it is very structured. After days of going trough the features and testing things out, I was happily suprised with the functionality and the build up of the app. Reasons enough for me to test this out. Because of how big the app is, I will split this up in different videos. In this video I'll go over the user interface and the functions that the app currently has. I will also show you the different features and why it could be usefull for you. The makers of the app told me that they are still updating and adding features to the app, what is very cool. They take feedback from players and use that to make the app better. If you have questions or want me to test something, leave it in the comments. More info about Ares Alpha App: Enjoy the video.

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