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27.12.2021 20:09

Sometimes it's the little things... Video link: A lot of the stuff that I do, I take for granted. It's always something that people told me, something that I read somewhere or just something that I started doing after all those years. In this new series of short (1 minute) videos I will show tips and tricks that I learned along the way. The first one is 'How to fill your Hydration bladder'. -------------------------------------- How to fill your Hydration Bladder, A Hydration Bladder is one of the ways we carry water, with us, in the field. But are you doing it right? In this short video I show you how to fill your Bladder correctly. In this series of videos I go over little things that will help you. In very short videos I will explain some basic and advanced stuff I use in Airsoft. Enjoy the video

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